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Lost Miner Pony Club

Pony Club is the largest equestrian educational organization in the world. This is where it all begins! The cornerstones of our foundation are education, safety, sportsmanship, stewardship and FUN. Members learn riding and the care of horses through mounted sports. The skills, habits and values instilled through horsemanship will apply to every part of a member’s life.

Participating members have access to the Pony Club online community, sponsor discounts, educational standards and achievements, a Pony Club Pin, and the chance to participate in activities such as lessons and certifications, rallies and competitions, Championships and Pony Club Festival. A host of additional programs such as international exchanges, USEF Pony Finals, Dressage for Kids, National Youth Board, National Youth Congress, scholarships, and the Visiting Instructors Program are available to members who develop and progress through Pony Club. Many of our graduates feel that Pony Club helped shape their character and the choices they have made as adults.

Pony Club is pleased to partner with additional educational providers, dedicated to promoting quality instructional resources and education for our membership. Our partners know how important equine knowledge and awareness is for the future of all horses and horse care providers. 

As a member of the Lost Miner Pony Club, riders have access to:


-  horses and ponies

-  trainers

-  mounted meetings

-  unmounted meetings

-  discounted lessons outside club meetings

-  special Pony Club competitions

-  growing in your riding and horsemanship

fun with other horse enthusiasts! 

For more information about Pony Club, visit


Lost Miner Ranch and Equestrian Center is a Certified Pony Club Riding Center. This means you do not have to own a horse to be part of our Pony Club! We offer the complete Pony Club curriculum and program.






National Pony Club memberships rates:


New membership: $180/year

Renewing membership: $100/year



Regional Pony Club membership rates:

Rocky Mountain Region: $45/year



*These annual fees are set by the National Office and are required for anyone who wants to participate in Pony Club activities.  


$140/month to use a Lost Miner horse at Pony Club meetings

$100/month to use a personal horse boarded at Lost Miner for meetings



Pony Club schedules are set monthly and we take one week off each month. Schedules are generally set around show schedules for coaches traveling away to shows; we are NOT always able to schedule around holidays or school breaks.  There are no discounts for missed meetings.


Currently members may choose to attend EITHER:


Wednesdays from 3:00pm - 5:00pm 


Fridays from 4:30pm - 6:30 pm

All members may ALSO attend Sunday meetings from 11:30am - 3:00 pm.



Lost Miner is one of the Gunnison School District bus stops. If using this option, plan on packing appropriate riding gear and extra snacks for your kids so they can change and eat a quick bite before the meeting starts.  Pony Clubbers should walk down to the lobby immediately upon disembarking the bus and get ready for their Pony Club meeting.  Instructors will not be supervising Pony Clubbers until meeting time starts.


Current availability may vary.  Please contact to see if space is available.



All potential Pony Clubbers should be comfortable grooming, tacking, and riding a horse in a group riding lesson situation.  If you are interested in Pony Club but do not yet meet these requirements, please sign up for riding lessons to get started.

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