Ranch Events

Use the calendar below to keep up with what's happening on the ranch




Unless an area of the ranch is specifically marked 'CLOSED' on the calendar it is open to all riders.


  Individual lessons are NOT generally shown on the calendar.  The calendar does show larger group lessons, riding club meetings, clinics, or other events/activities that may limit arena space or be more challenging to ride with. 


We are a busy lesson facility and lessons may be happening at any time, however, arenas are OPEN to all riders during lessons. 

Please be courteous to other riders and follow all arena rules.



Image by Kyle Mackie

Upcoming 2021 Events


October 31st, 2021 


Join us for a fun day of Horse-O-Ween, including games, a costume contest (horses must be included), and a Mystery Trail Ride to find Big Ben, our stolen show jumper! 


Registration closes October 28th

Lost Miner students: talk to your instructor to reserve a horse for the Mystery Trail Ride, Costume Contest, or both!

Mystery Trail Ride

10:00am - 12:30pm

Start your ride anytime after 10:00am but be back by 12:30 for the costume contest!  The ride will take about 1.5 hours.


$20 per rider or max of $50 per team

Lost Miner Ranch and Equestrian Center’s top show jumper, Big Ben, has gone missing! It's up to YOU to determine who stole him, what item you will need to rescue him, and where he can be found. Your journey will be long and only the sharpest riders will decode all the clues and successfully find Big Ben before the next show!


This ride starts and ends at the Lost Miner Ranch and Equestrian Center’s outdoor arena. As you ride pay careful attention to The Clues and use them to eliminate the people, items, and locations until only one is left in each category. This is not a race, all correct answers will receive a gift bag plus each team that solves the mystery will be entered into the Grand Prize drawing! 

Teams may be made up of 2-5 members

Riding is NOT required; along with riders teams may include hikers/walkers and horses being led on foot.  Well-mannered dogs on a leash are also welcome to join your team. Fun for the whole family!


Good luck!

Costume Contest

12:30pm - 1:00pm


$10 per entry

Dress up yourself and your horse for our Costume Contest!  Starting at 12:30 in the outdoor arena; voting will be open until 1:00.  Categories are:

  • Most Creative

  • Funniest

  • Scariest

  • Cutest

  • Most Original

  • Most Beautiful

  • Most Tolerant Horse

Costumes may be individual or group costumes. Prizes to the winner of each category!



Horse and Halloween Games


$5 for all games

Horse experience NOT required but it will be helpful!

Scavenger Hunt Relay

We will form even teams based on number of entrants.  Buckets will be placed on the other side of the arena full of all sorts of treasures.  Each player will have to run to the bucket, find their item, and run back to their team.  First team to find all items and get the last player back to the starting line wins!

Blind Mans Tack Up

Pair up - one person will be the ‘eyes’ and one person will be the ‘hands’ – the ‘hands’ will be blindfolded.  Each pair will need to untack one horse and place the tack on the arena fence, or on the ground near it.  Horses will be provided to those who need it.  Included tack must be a saddle, pad, cinch/girth, and bridle.  Does not matter if English or western tack.  At ‘go!’ the ‘eyes’ must direct the ‘hands’ to tack up the horse correctly - the eyes may NOT touch the horse or the tack at any time.  First horse correctly tacked up and across the finish line is the winner!

Horse Sculpting Contest

Everyone has 4:00 minutes to sculpt their best horse out of clay - blindfolded!  We will keep the blindfolds on, move all the horses to the center of the table, then take the blindfolds off and vote on the favorite to find the winner!  Contestants won't even know which horse is theirs until after the voting!

Weekly 2021 Events

Adult Riding Club

Weekly on Saturday and Tuesday

Times vary

Adult-only riding group.  For more information contact Shawn Olsen at (970) 417-0130.

Pony Club 

Weekly on Friday and Sunday

Times vary

For horse-crazy kids only!  For more information check out our Pony Club page here!