Pony Ride


Lost Miner Ranch and Equestrian Center offers a quality beginner and intermediate riding lesson program for ages 5 through adult. 
Students may select from Western or English riding styles. 
Helmets are mandatory for all riders under 18 or for jumping and are provided.  Helmets are strongly recommended for all riders.
Riders should wear long pants (not baggy), closed toed shoes or boots with a smooth sole and heel, weather appropriate clothing, and sunscreen and/or bugspray.
Students must arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the start of each lesson.
Lessons should be scheduled consistently for the same day/time each week.
If you or a member of your household are experiencing ANY symptoms of sickness you will not be allowed to ride.  


Lost Miner Ranch operates on a strict cancellation policy.  Please respect staff and instructors by attending all lessons you have scheduled.  A lot of time and effort goes on behind the scenes to prepare for each lesson.
 Students may reschedule a lesson with at least 24 hours notice. 
Lessons cancelled with less than 48 hours notice or lessons not attended will be forfeit due to scheduling of staff and horses - these lessons will be charged in full.
Late arrivals will be allowed to continue with their lesson but lesson time may not continue past original end time due to scheduling; lessons will not be discounted in price due to late arrival. 
Any lesson cancelled by Lost Miner Ranch and Equestrian Center will be rescheduled.  If Lost Miner Ranch is not able to reschedule the lesson a full refund will be given.  


Private                   $40
Semi-private          $35
Group                    $30
Prices are per rider
Semi-private lessons = 2 riders 
Group lesson = 3-4 riders
All lessons will be invoiced at the end of the month - keep a current email address on file with your instructor.  Prompt payment is expected and previous lessons must be paid in full before scheduling additional lessons. 
Riders must be approved to ride in a semi-private or group lesson by a Lost Miner Instructor; if you are interested in joining a semi-private or group lesson let your instructor know
Lessons are one hour long (slightly longer for group lessons) and include brushing, tacking, riding, and untacking.  Generally more time is spent on brushing, tacking, and generally learning how to safely be around horses until you get the hang of it - there is a lot of information to absorb and practice!  As students become more proficient in brushing and tacking they are able to spend more time riding.
For more information, please email us at
Occasionally, in the Fall & Winter some of our awesome lesson horses are available for lease.  A variety of lease options are available, all of which include one weekly lesson and one to two hack rides each month (hack rides are practice rides on the flat (no jumping) without an instructor present).  Weekly lessons are required with all Lost Miner Ranch horse leases.  
  • Not all Lost Miner horses are available for lease

  • All lease options include hack ride options and one lesson per week

  • Absolutely no jumping outside lessons

  • Must use correct tack: saddles, pads, bits, bridles, etc.  Tack is provided by LMR.  You may use your own tack upon approval from your instructor

  • On site lease only – horses may not be trailered off ranch except with permission by designated LMR personnel

  • Any students under the age of 15 must have adult supervision during hack rides

  • All leases are month-to-month.  Any skipped month results in the horse being available to next person in line if there is a wait list for that particular horse

  • Lessons and hack rides must be scheduled at the first of the month (hack ride = practice ride).  Hack rides are scheduled in 3 hour blocks.

  • Not responsible if lessor is unable to make designated amount of hack rides or lessons each week

  • No refunds or makeups for unused hack rides or lessons.  Lessons and hack rides must be used each week; may not carry over to the following week.  Weeks run Sunday – Saturday.  Lessons and hack rides should be scheduled with your preferred instructor directly well in advance to reserve your preferred time slot.

  • Lessor is responsible for ¼ - ½ farrier costs every 6-8 weeks, depending on the lease  

  • Lessor must be at least a Mounted (Horsemanship) and Unmounted (Horse Sense) Red Level graduate of our skills program and must be approved by their instructor to lease.  You can find Study Materials for the Red Level HERE.

  • Younger riders may need parent assistance to groom and tack safely; parents must be capable of assisting before a lease is granted. 

  • Pony Club leases are available for Pony Club members

Quarter lease


            1 lesson per week 

            1 scheduled hack ride per week

            Horse still available for lessons outside lesson/ride time


Half lease


            1 lesson per week

            2 scheduled practice rides per week

            Horse still available for lessons outside lesson/ride time


Pony Club lease


            Up to 6 Pony Club meetings per month

            May not ride during all Pony Club meetings; no refunds are given outside


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