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Lost Miner Riding School

We have moved to an online scheduling system.  Please click the blue button above to be taken to Acuity Scheduling to learn more about our programs! 


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Learning Levels Resources

Students in our Riding School progress through our levels program.  Each level teaches skills both in and out of the saddle.  Rainbow Level Resources are for Pony Pals riders.  All other riders should start at the Red Level. 

The order of levels is: 


STUDY GUIDES are printable guides a student can study at home to supplement the lessons they are receiving at the ranch.

HORSEMANSHIP resources cover riding skills and knowledge, and HORSE SENSE resources cover everything else!

WORKSHEETS & TERMINOLOGY go more in depth in certain material. 

LEVEL UP questions include everything a student must know before advancing to the next level.  Both questions and answers are included!

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