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Lost Miner Ranch and Equestrian Center offers a variety of boarding options.  Your horse will be managed daily by knowledgeable, professional caregivers.  Owners and staff live on-site. 

We are currently FULL in all boarding spaces.  Please fill out the form below to be added to our waitlist and set up a ranch visit.


Boarding Options

Pasture   $425/month, wait list only

Each horse is carefully managed in small, compatible groups on grass pastures ranging from three to seven acres.  As a general rule one horse per acre is allowed in each pasture to prevent overgrazing and allow each horse ample space.  Horses are checked twice daily by experienced staff who know each horse and his/her normal behaviors.  Free choice grass hay is provided during winter months. 

Covered Run  $525/month, wait list only

Horses are turned out nightly on grass pastures in small, companionable groups and return to their 12' x 30' steel paneled run with attached 12' x 12' three sided shelter.  Grass hay is provided while horses are in their run; grass hay is provided in turn out pastures as needed.  Owner supplied grain and supplements are fed up to two times daily.  Blanketing is included.  Night checks are conducted every night between 7:00 - 9:00 PM. 

Stall   $25/night, contact for availability

If you are just passing through or spending a few days exploring the Gunnison area, consider staying with us.  Our stalls are rubber-matted with sliding doors.  Shavings are not included but must be provided by owners.  All water buckets and feed shall be provided by owners.  Turnout is not included with short-term stall board.  Stalls should be completely stripped upon departure.  Stabled horses must provide a current health certificate dated within two weeks and a negative Coggins tests dated within six months.  Horses must be up to date on vaccinations and worming.  All paperwork must be received prior to unloading. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, including, but not limited, to horses presenting any dangerous behaviours or signs or symptoms of illness, regardless of their health certificate. 

Health Requirements for all Boarded Horses

Each horse shall enter Lost Miner Ranch free from transmissible diseases and must be effectively dewormed and current of immunizations for this area at least seven days prior to arrival.  A negative Coggins test dated within the last six months and current health certificate are required for all horses.  

Required annual vaccinations:


Eastern and Western Encephalomyelitis

West Nile

Required semi-annual vaccinations:



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