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Saturday, November 7th














A Pair Pace is a FUN group ride of teams ranging from one to four riders through our hay meadow.   A Pair Pace is a low-key competitive event was originally derived from foxhunting.  Each team follows a map of an outdoor course and is attempts to ride as close to the optimum time for their division as possible (more about that later).  It's kind of like a Foxhunt without the hounds!  You do not have to ride fast to be competitive, nor do you have to jump - this event is for all levels for all levels of riders and horses. 


The Optimum Time 


It is up to each team to guess what the organizers of the pace have decided is an ideal time to complete the course and to adjust its progress accordingly.  The optimum time varies for each division, and none of the competitors know the optimum time before they start.  The time is determined by sending out a rider to ride the course at the appropriate pace before the event.  The team that finishes closest to the optimum time, either above or below, in each division is the winner!



Rules of a Pair Pace

There aren't very many!  You can ride in whatever saddle, bridle, and bit you choose.   There is no dress code, though since it is Halloween individual or team costumes are encouraged!  ASTM approved helmets are recommended for all divisions if you will be jumping.  All riders 15 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times while on trail. 

Pair Pace Etiquette

To keep you and your fellow participants safe and happy:


Encountering Another Team: Always slow to a walk when approaching another team,  say hello and ask if it is ok to ride ahead.  After getting the go-ahead, walk a short distance before trotting off so as not to disturb the horses in the group being left behind.  


Assistance Needed: Be mindful of other riders and stop to lend a hand if someone is having trouble.  


Stay On Course:  Respect the landowners and ride and jump only on the marked course

Reset Knocked Obstacles: if someone on your team knocks down an obstacle, the entire team should stop while it is reset

Jumpers have the right-of-way at all times



There are three divisions. All of the divisions will follow the same 2.5 mile course.  Keep the red flags on your right while following the course.  Competitors that are jumping will go over the fences and non-jumpers just “go around” the jumps! There may be a variety of other obstacles to negotiate such as water crossings or ditches.

MOSEY:  a leisurely walking pace following the course map and going around all the jumps.  At least one rider must be present on a Mosey Team, but teams may also be made up of non-riding members who would enjoy a walk or jog around the meadow.  If you are more comfortable leading your horse rather than riding them this is a great division for you!  

TRAIL RIDE:  a walk/trot division where most riders opt to go around the jumps but might attempt a few here and there.  The pace is mainly walking with a bit of trotting here and there.  At least one rider must be present on a Trail Rider Team, but teams may also be made up of non-riding members who would enjoy a walk or jog around the meadow.  

FIELD HUNTER: a walk/trot/canter division where riders attempt most or all of the jumps.  There are no penalties for run-outs or refusals; riders may opt to go around a jump (or ALL the jumps) if they don’t want to jump it.





Entry fee:  $20 per rider

Each rider may enter more than one class. 






Before the Pair Pace:


1.  Find a team of 1 to 3 other riders (max of 4 riders per team).  If you do not have a team you may opt to be added to a team with less than 4 riders or put on a scramble team. We cannot guarantee a team will be available in your desired division but will do our best!


2.  To receive registration discounts ($5 per rider), complete all required registration forms and submit payment prior to November 5th. 


On the Day of the Pair Pace:


1.  Show up with your horse any time between 10:00am - 2:30pm.  

(We will open the registration table at 10:00am, the first team to go out will be at 11:00am, the last team to go out will be at 3:00pm) 

2.  Park on either side of the indoor arena or in the hay lot.  Leave plenty of space between other trailers.  If you park at the hay lot there is no water there for your horse, but it is roomier. 

3.  Come over to the registration table in the lobby (have your mask on please!), sign the release form, pay your money, and get your team number and map.  We will have the registration and release forms available at the registration table, but you can save time by printing the forms from this page and bring them with you already filled out.  As a matter of fact, you will save $5 per rider if you actually send in your forms and the money before November 5th. 

4.  Tack up and ride over to the Starter.  The Starter will record your team number and start time.  We will send teams out every 5 minutes.  Your time starts when the first horse of your team crosses the starting line.  The Starter will be located at the beginning of the course, shown on your map. 

5.  Go enjoy a beautiful ride.

6.  The pace starts and ends at the same place;  the Timer will record your ending time.  Your time ends when the last horse of your team crosses the finish line. 

Do to Covid we will not be gathering all together to announce the placings, but please feel free to hang out as long as you wish after your ride.  The course will be open for schooling after the last team has crossed the finish line.  Check the website (right here!) and our Facebook page for the results!  Winning teams may arrange to come pick up their prizes or we will deliver all prizes to the Team Captain! 

We will not know the winning team until all teams have returned!  Results will be posted here on our website and Facebook page. 

Register your team online here:

Team Registration - to be completed by the Team Captain



Team Member Release - to be completed by each Team Member, including the Team Captain

You will be able to register on the day of the Pair Pace, however if you register and pay by November 5th you receive a $5 discount per rider!

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